Monday, 26 February 2018

Painting Over

You paint sometimes not to make art, to sell, but just because there is a need to express yourself in a certain way. Sometimes, painting is just a way to air some old wounds, to bring the musky past out into the sunshine, and to heal the soul. Then, art is a very personal experience. A sort of therapy. At the end of it, it may seem like some chapters have finally closed. And the painting seems relevant no more. Like an exposed scab, or a dirty tissue,  you may feel like it’s no one else’s business to view it. And you know it’s time to paint over.  To use the canvas in more joyful ways. To begin a fresh chapter...

And of course,  yes,  sometimes you paint over because you've had the work around for years and no seems to want to buy it...and you need a new canvas! 

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