Wednesday, 28 March 2018

I Am That

How does man relate with nature? As a user, and abuser? A Marauder? Recklessly, irresponsibly consuming and wasting? Selfishly possessing and imposing, digging and destroying? Covering inch by inch of this beautiful world with glorified man-made plastics? 

We take and we take and we take. Our entire lives, cultures, education systems, societal setups are all centred on earning more to have more. To take. To be more separate from the rest, to be better materially, with the bigger car, the better house, the fancier holiday. What would it take to change this perspective to one where not our distinctness but our oneness, with each other and with the world around us, is celebrated? To not only know but to truly believe that 'I am a part of all that I see'? To look at a tree, a flower, a leaf, a mountain, and even a pebble and feel that 'I am that'?

One way I can think of, for a start, is to include in our lifestyles, in our daily lives, some time in nature. In solitude, preferably, and in silence. To just be, with ourselves. And to listen, to that little voice within...

Contemplation. Oil on Canvas. 48" x 36". 2016.

This painting is based on a sketch I made of a man sitting thus one working day in Nageshwar Park, Chennai. Though it is representational, it is not realistic. All the better to convey an abstract idea...

This painting denotes to me man's place in nature... A grateful,  thoughtful,  peaceful observer and participant. Working with in stead of against nature and one's self... Guided by intuition... 

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