Thursday, 29 March 2018

The Journey Of A Painting

Like everything else around us, a painting can have a soul, a spirit, too. Or so I like to believe.

Sometimes a painting gets done in one go. Just like that, its finished, and ready to find a new home.

Sometimes it takes months, years even, and repeated sittings and explorations before it finally seems ready to move on.

For instance, this one landscape of mine refused to be happy with whatever treatment I gave it. At several stages, it looked for all practical purposes to be 'finished'. Yet, something just didn't feel right about it...making me take paint to it again, and again.

When the canvas is small, and it doesn't seem to work out, I may leave it in a corner of my studio space until such time as I'm ready to rework on it. Probably happily painting over it. But this particular landscape was done on a larger canvas, at 36" x 48". I loved the idea of the big tree dominating the scene, underlining how much grander nature truly is whether we acknowledge it or not. What I did not like, and was deeply dissatisfied with, was the very 'common' treatment or appearance of it. Somehow, I just didn't get the feeling that this painting was 'mine'...soon leading me to try some new the one below.

Same canvas, made over. Yes, I'm the 'artist', the 'creator', I can have an orange sky if I please! And a blue tree!

For a while, I was happy with this new avatar of the 'Big Tree', as I chose to call it then. But hanging there on the wall, soon it called attention to itself, as if to say, 'I'm bored with this look. Give me something fresh'. Something with a little more 'drama' in it...and that is how I stumbled upon an 'alternate' world, a parallel world, with the crimson sky...

Now I'm happy, and so is the painting. Finally, we are 'done'.

Titled 'Life', this is an oil painting on canvas. 36" x 48". Framed. And a part of my last series called 'Under A Crimson Sky', 2017.

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