Monday, 9 April 2018

Andrey Aranyshev - Meet the Artist

The Internet is a great place to come across some great art, be it on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, or the million other websites, online galleries and blogs. Among this swarming myriad, Andrey Aranyshev’s paintings hold their own, very gracefully.

Born in 1956, Aranyshev comes from a family of creative achievers. Inclined towards drawing ever since a child, this Russian artist includes among his teachers Andrei RublevAlexi SavrasovIlya RepinRembrandtVanGoghPaul C├ęzannePablo PicassoWassily Kandinskyand Henri Matisse. Sure enough, their influence can be felt in Andrey’s work.

There’s a dreamy quality to most of Andrey Aranyshev’s paintings. Imbued with an ethereal, soulful air, they often juxtapose smooth areas with textures. The graceful bodies, with their gentle curves, sometimes languid, almost always calm, are all softly defined, with edges merging not only with the objects and people sharing the canvas space, but also with the surrounding space, making the painting a composite whole new presence. 

In the ‘Girl on Bicycle’ for instance, it appears as if the girl is the cycle is the space around, almost. While there are a few defined lines, most of the edges are blurred. And the texture running over the image, regardless of the form, is like looking at the scene through a fog or perhaps some plexi-glass, adding to the ‘flickering light’ and ‘space’ in the painting. The surrounding space, in fact, seems to be a character in its own right.

With the faces rendered to show quiet emotions, Andrey’s paintings offer a unique experience. His subjects vary from figures, to still lives, to landscapes, yet, working as he seems from instinct, Andrey’s soulful paintings, his intuitive and harmonious choice of colours and compositions, are all beautiful, authentic expressions of the spirit.

Trained to be an art restorer by profession, this training, from the Center of Art Restoration in Moscow, Andrey believes gave him a chance to gain deep knowledge of the technology and technique of painting, and he says “... this helped me to be free and happy in creation. I want to believe that my little personal story and the large history of Art are connected”.

 What motivates the artist? How does he choose his subjects? I asked this master artist some questions...

Q.  Describe your typical working day.
A. I work in studio from 10.00 till 17.00. That's the habit.

Q. Why did you choose to be an artist?
A. I did not choose.

Q. What is your goal as an artist?
A. To feel satisfaction.

Q. What inspires you to paint/create every day?
A. Everyday life.

Q.  How do you choose your subjects?
A. I choose all that I know.
Q. How do you think your art serves others or yourself?
A. We are all together.

Q. Do you paint for yourself or with any particular person/audience in mind?
 A. Both.

Q. Are you happy being an artist?
A. I think I am . It's good to see how form becomes content.

Q. When do you have the most fun?
A. I can't measure it exactly.

Q. How has being an artist changed you?
A. No changes cos' I'm an artist from my early days.

Q. If you weren’t paid for it, would you still paint/create?
A. Not sure.

Q. What advice would you give to the aspiring artists?
A. I give no advice to the artists. That is extremely personal.

Q. What have been the important turning points or influences in your artistic journey?
A. The new path to new door.

Q. Which are your favourite mediums/colours?
A. Acrylic, oil.

Q. What is art for you?
A. That is the question of faith. The main feature - inner necessity and (to be) original.  It must be deep inside.

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