Monday, 10 February 2020

Valentine's Special Open Studio

Welcome to my first Open Studio, on the occasion of Valentine's, on Saturday 15, 2020.

Ok, perhaps its true that those with art (pedi)degrees are better artists, more in tune with what is "expected". But does that make us self taught ones "bad" artists? We just don't cut the grade because we are too naive? But art is art, right? So why do gallerists make it harder for the "emerging/struggling/self-taught" artist just because they don't have the right papers?

Anyway, validation from a gallery notwithstanding, art is always something to celebrate, to be shared.  On this Open Studio day, I hope to meet art lovers who see the beauty, the manifested idea, that I've put out there, and be likewise inspired to create their own. I would appreciate more people coming my way to appreciate my work, my efforts, and carry home with them some of the love that has gone in to the making of this body of work over the past couple of decades.

Because to a certain extent, no matter how introverted we are, all artists are like performers, we want our work to be liked, loved even. And of course, to be paid for! To be bought, and taken out in to the world and out of the studio. So that the fortunate artist can them have more resources to create some more!

But art is not only about the end product, the "saleable item". It is first and foremost a beautiful, sacred process, a journey, that requires, demands, complete honesty and sincerity from the artist. It's when the artist allows himself to become a mere conduit for what needs to flow through, the idea who's time has come.

So really, being an artist by itself is a blessing. And I hope to share this blessing on this Open Studio day with anyone and everyone, like-minded souls I'm sure, who wish to stop by and feel the love!

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